Get funding for your project

Financia tu proyecto

Access to funding is the cornerstone of the biotechnology sector, where most companies are SMEs with disruptive R&D projects that need a big investment and a long timeline to the first marketable results.

At AseBio, we support our members to give them easier access to public and private funding sources. We keep them up-to-date on any open calls for proposals; answer any of their questions in this area; help set up consortia, when necessary; maintain good relationships with the main European investors; promote participation in large international events (like BioEquity) and host events (like Asebio Investor Day and the BioSpain investment forum, both every two years) to connect Spanish biotech companies with international venture capital.

At the same time, at AseBio we are working to increase the proportion of non-returnable subsidies to financial instruments in public grants and make it easier for SMEs to get these grants.

You will find more information in the Funding working area.