The 94% of BIOSPAIN 2023 attendees positively evaluate the event

The satisfaction survey highlights significant findings, such as the positive assessment of the BIOSPAIN 2023 program by over 90% of attendees and the fact that the event has allowed 88% of participants to identify real business opportunities.


BIOSPAIN, a national and international benchmark event in the biotechnology sector, continues to achieve success with its twentieth edition, held in the city of Barcelona from September 26 to 28, 2023.

According to the satisfaction survey conducted by AseBio among attendees, the international biotechnology meeting, organized this time in collaboration with Biocat, the Ajuntament de Barcelona, and the Generalitat de Catalunya, has been rated as 'good' (57.38%) or 'very good' (36.56%) by 93.94% of the more than 2,100 attendees. An excellent result attributed to several factors.

Firstly, the spotlight is on the program orchestrated for BIOSPAIN 2023. Through more than 60 sessions, the event has focused on the main trends in health, agri-food, industrial transformation, green transition, and how biotechnology emerges as a critical industry for the strategic autonomy of Spain and Europe. A detailed snapshot of the challenges and opportunities in the biotech sector, positively valued by 83.3% of attendees. In this regard, it is worth noting that the profile of the speakers and the quality of their presentations also received the approval of 90.1% of BIOSPAIN 2023 attendees.

BIOSPAIN 2023 has also been a meeting point for important institutional representatives at the national and regional levels, such as the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Pere Aragonès i Garcia; the Secretary of State for Trade, Xiana Margarida Méndez; the Minister of Business and Labor of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Roger Torrent i Ramió; and the Deputy Mayor of the Area of Economy, Finance, Economic Promotion, and Tourism of the Ajuntament de Barcelona, Jordi Valls. An institutional agenda that nearly 65% of attendees considered appropriate.

In addition to the comprehensive session program, the epicenter of the present and future of the biotechnology sector, BIOSPAIN features an attractive trade fair that, on this occasion, included more than 220 exhibitors. The event represents multiple investment opportunities and a partnering system that translates into broad collaboration possibilities with the nearly 1,000 national and international companies and 81 investment entities present.

BIOSPAIN has become a platform to boost the next generation of startups with over 30 startup presentations made to investors and 5,000 one-to-one meetings. An ideal scenario that has allowed 88% of attendees to identify real business opportunities.

Regarding the partnering system, it has been positively evaluated by 82% of attendees. Among those who held meetings, 39% expect that more than 40% of these encounters will lay the groundwork for new meetings, while 34% believe this possibility ranges between 20-40%.

The third factor contributing to the success of BIOSPAIN 2023 has been the chosen location: Barcelona. 92.5% of attendees consider it a good choice to hold BIOSPAIN 2023 in Barcelona, and 82.7% applaud the selection of the Fira de Barcelona as the venue.

Winner of the BIOSPAIN 2023 survey

Albert Mascarell from BHV Partners, has won the 500 euros Amazon gift card, drawn among all BIOSPAIN 2023 attendees who completed the event satisfaction survey.