#BIOSPAIN2023Interview | "We are witnessing scientific and technological advances that are revolutionizing the sector"

Dámaso Molero, CEO of 3P Biopharmaceuticals, Silver Sponsor of BIOSPAIN 2023, analyzes the snapshot we observe of the 'biotech' sector and the company's plans for the future.


The development and manufacturing of new drugs are constantly evolving, leading to increasingly advanced and costly processes. This situation requires companies to seek trusted partners to assist them in drug development and manufacturing. This is where Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) come into play.

CDMOs collaborate with biotechnology companies to provide manufacturing and development services for new drugs. By doing so, they offer services that many companies would otherwise struggle to manage, facilitating an innovative ecosystem and boosting the development of ideas. This is a scenario well-known to 3P Biopharmaceuticals, a CDMO specialized in the development and production of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) biologicals and advanced therapies from early stages to clinical and commercial phases.

The company provides comprehensive development and production services for biological products obtained through microbial fermentation or mammalian cell culture. Dámaso Molero, CEO of 3P Biopharmaceuticals, Silver Sponsor of BIOSPAIN 2023, a leading biotechnology event, shares the key insights on their work, the biotech sector's current situation, and their ambitious investment plan.

AseBio. What is 3P's relationship with biotechnology?

Dámaso Molero. Our relationship with biotechnology is comprehensive. We can say that we are a "pure" biotechnology company. Our processes are based on the selection, genetic modification when applicable, growth, and production of biological molecules, mainly proteins.

We also develop processes and products for cell therapy, where the processed human cell itself becomes the final medicine.

We can boast of being one of the first biotechnological CDMOs in Spain and being a European benchmark. In fact, we were the first Spanish pharmaceutical company to develop a pegfilgrastim biosimilar.

AseBio. What is the current situation of the biotechnology sector?

Dámaso Molero. As of now, the biotechnology sector is experiencing an exciting time. We are witnessing scientific and technological advances that are revolutionizing the industry.

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of having the capacity and technology available not only to address crisis situations like the one we have experienced but also to highlight that biological processes and medicines are essential for finding solutions or alleviating diseases that have previously had no treatment.

Investors and pharmaceutical companies recognize the sector's potential in providing innovative therapeutic solutions at increasingly affordable and profitable prices.

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are becoming more common among companies in the biotechnology sector. Knowledge and resources are shared, accelerating research and development efforts.

Lastly, much attention is being given to advanced therapies, such as gene and cell therapies, which are gaining momentum in the biotechnology sector. These therapies offer highly personalized treatments and promise to revolutionize how we approach genetic diseases, cancer, and other challenging conditions.

AseBio. Since its inception, growth combined with high levels of investment has been a constant in 3P. How has the company evolved over these 16 years?

Dámaso Molero. Boldness and continuous hard work have been some of the key factors since the founding of 3P. In 2007, I started alone and full of uncertainties, and now we have 350 employees and a functioning CDMO model: the development of production processes and manufacturing of biological drugs, covering the entire value chain of drug development.

We have successfully transformed 3P into an international company, with over 90% of our revenue coming from international markets, complemented by the recent opening of a commercial office in Boston (USA).

Investment has been consistent, and it will continue to be so. We are now entering a new phase with an additional investment of 40-50 million euros for the coming years, primarily focused on increasing our manufacturing capacity for recombinant proteins in high-volume processes and developing and manufacturing monoclonal antibodies with a new production line of up to 2,000 liters of cell culture.

AseBio. Since 2020, 3P has been executing an ambitious investment plan exceeding 45 million euros, which will continue until 2025. What does this plan entail?

Dámaso Molero. Indeed, since 2020, the investment growth at 3P has been exponential. Thanks to this, we have been able to increase our production capabilities, both in mammalian cell manufacturing, with tanks up to 2,000L, and in microbial processes, where we reach capacities of up to 1,000L.

Furthermore, a significant part of this investment involved the acquisition of our third facility, which includes a fully automated 1,000m2 warehouse and new analytical laboratories spanning 1,400m2.

These adaptations were driven by the need to expand our analytical capacity with advanced technologies to meet the growing demands of our current customer portfolio and the closure of significant agreements with new clients.

Currently, in collaboration with our main partner and shareholder, Keensight Capital, we are preparing a new strategic plan for the next 5 years. The estimated investment level for the period 2023-2027 will be around 40 million euros, with an expected increase in employment of nearly 100 additional people.

Asebio. What are the challenges and opportunities you face in the future?

Dámaso Molero. Currently, our biggest challenge, and certainly opportunity, is the recent opening of our commercial office in Boston. Establishing ourselves in the global hub of biotechnology is an exciting challenge we wanted to take on. As mentioned earlier, the majority of our clients are international, and we aim to make a difference worldwide.

We have always seen a valuable opportunity in the US market to access new business prospects, get closer to current customers, and enhance our overall presence, which will be crucial for our long-term growth. However, as it is our first physical presence abroad, we are aware that we will encounter challenges and difficulties, as well as a learning curve from which we will undoubtedly emerge stronger. We are very enthusiastic about this new project and hope to do our best.

AseBio. What role does an event like BIOSPAIN play for the industry?

Dámaso Molero. BIOSPAIN is a meeting point for the biotechnology sector in Spain and increasingly international, facilitating connections between academia, companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and institutions. Undoubtedly, it is the right forum for exploring and solidifying business opportunities. Moreover, particularly for institutions, it serves as an excellent barometer of the sector's strength and the economic potential that biotechnology holds and will increasingly have for a country like Spain.

AseBio. What do you expect from an event of this nature?

Dámaso Molero. First and foremost, it is a pleasure to attend an event that is definitively emerging from the pandemic, and we hope it comes back with renewed energy. At 3P, we strongly believe in participating in BIOSPAIN to showcase our CDMO services. It is an undeniable opportunity to demonstrate our achievements and capabilities, and we hope this event allows us to showcase our leadership and the added value we offer as manufacturers of biological drugs. We aim to establish strong business relationships with potential clients and further contribute to the development of the Spanish biotechnology sector.

Furthermore, an event like BIOSPAIN presents an opportunity to discover new technologies and trends, as well as stay informed about the latest developments from over 800 companion companies in the sector.