History of AseBio Investor Day and how it arrived when we needed it most

The upcoming edition of this event will be held on 28 April in Madrid, with over 300 participants and 50 investors from all over Europe

AseBioinvestor Day
David Fernández

When we launched the first edition of AseBio Investor Day in 2017, Spain already had a developing biotechnology industry. It still had one big weakness, however: access to funding.

During the 2010s, important efforts were made to facilitate access to the seed funding needed to launch companies and get started. But, as our companies have developed, the need for funding has also grown. Spain continued suffering from a lack of national investors.

The big international investors traditionally focused on their local markets or those with a very mature biotechnology industry, such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France or Germany. And this is why AseBio made it one of the association’s top priorities to boost visibility and attract this international public in order to facilitate contact between our companies and new investors, and to create new investment opportunities. 

But this has been one of our top priorities for even longer than that... We had already been working on it with the BIOSPAIN events since 2008. We allocated a significant part of the budget to putting Spain on the radar of these international venture capitalists, and quite successfully, we think, in hindsight.

In this context, we hosted the first edition of AseBio Investor Day at an unbeatable venue, the Barcelona Science Park, with few resources and very conservative expectations. Our goal, above all, was to gauge the response of the national and international investment community to an event of this sort in Spain. 

Surpassing expectations

The response couldn’t have been better: we had all the national investors and a good representation of investors from France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. From the anticipated 70 participants we jumped to over 150 through word of mouth alone and saw how enthusiastically the initiative was welcomed. That enthusiasm and the possibility of organising an activity that would contribute value to our members and the Spanish biotechnology community as a whole encouraged us to make it a recurring event.

Since then, we’ve hosted two more editions, one in Madrid and one online, at the height of the pandemic. This year is the fourth edition of the event and, over these years, more than 250 start-ups have had the opportunity to make direct contact with over 100 national and international investors and held 1,500 one-to-one meetings. 

Clear impact on the sector

The Spanish biotechnology industry has changed substantially since the first edition of the event. Today we can proudly showcase national success stories that have signed licensing deals with large international pharmaceutical corporations, examples of acquisitions in which our companies have been valued at hundreds of millions of euros or rounds of venture capital funding that are among the most noteworthy in the sector in Europe. 

The event clearly reflects the evolution of our biotechnology sector and each edition brings a significant jump in the quality of the participants and organisations. In addition to the development of the sector, we have more and more national investors that, in conjunction with international investors looking for new opportunities in an unexplored market, are pushing the sector’s private investment figures to new heights year after year.

investor day

None of this would have been possible without...

This brief history of AseBio Investor Day wouldn’t be complete without a big thanks to all the organisations that have supported, sponsored and been committed to the event, allowing it to get off the ground and consolidate its place on the scene. Our recurring Platinum sponsor, Kaudal, deserves a special mention, as do Asabys Partners, BME-Growth, Inveready, Euronext and Ysios Capital. And we’d also like to mention PwC, our new Platinum sponsor this year.

The success of this event stems from the joint efforts and hard work of the whole sector. This is why we firmly believe that this edition we’re about to hold will be the best one yet. And at AseBio we are committed to continuing our work to be the benchmark facilitator for science, industry and the investment community.



David Fernández is the Director of Internationalisation and Business Development at AseBio.