#NewMember | "AseBio is a reference in the promotion and visibility of the biotech sector in Spain"

Meet Celtarys Research, our new member. We talk with Sonia Martínez Arca, CEO of the company

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Drug discovery

AseBio. What does your company's work bring to the table and what is its strength?

Sonia Martínez Arca. Celtarys provides innovative solutions in the field of medicinal chemistry to optimize the long and costly process of discovering new drugs. Our main strength and asset is our proprietary chemical conjugation technology, which allows us to develop competitively in time and cost chemical tools adapted to any therapeutic target. In particular, our fluorescent ligands, already validated and in the commercialization phase, are a safer, more efficient and versatile alternative to radioactivity that is currently used in compound screening assays in the initial stages of new drug research.

AseBio. What is AseBio for you?

Sonia Martínez Arca. AseBio is a reference in the promotion and visibility at all levels of the biotech sector in Spain, to which from the beginning, as a company in the sector, we were clear that we wanted to belong

AseBio. When did you first hear about AseBio?

Sonia Martínez Arca. Around the year 2005, when the first BioSpain meetings began to be organized. I remember having participated in some of the first editions, when the sector was still very incipient, and it is a satisfaction to see how it has grown

AseBio. What do you expect from being part of an association like AseBio?

Sonia Martínez Arca. We would like to be an active member, participating in the Association's actions through working groups and contributing with our activity to strengthening the biotech sector in Spain, at all levels: social, political, economic...

I believe that we can contribute in a particular way our vision as a university start-up and spin-off, and also as a company led by women.

On the other hand, through ASEBIO we also hope to better understand the needs of the market we are targeting.

AseBio. What is the biggest challenge facing the biotech sector (or your company)?

Sonia Martínez Arca. As a start-up company, our biggest challenge is to make known to the market the advantages and enormous potential of our chemical conjugation technology to facilitate the discovery of new drugs.