The public centres of the Barcelona Science Park, at the forefront of frontier research and innovation


2022 was a year of progress for the centres, institutes and public research groups present at Barcelona Science Park (PCB) in terms of generation of knowledge, transfer of technology, management of innovation and financing. All R&D&i activity generated by these entities consolidate the PCB as one of the most powerful and most valuable European ecosystems related to the area of health.

In 2022, the institutes, centres and public research groups of Barcelona Science Park moved €50Mbetween public (€40M) and private capital (€10M) and presented a total of 26 priority patent applications and extensions.

The research of all the public centres also had a great impact on the scientific community, with a total of 587 publications in prestigious international magazines in their field of research. 

And, once again, they made clear their commitment to their pioneering collaborative research and high global impact. During 2022, as a whole they participated in a total of 1,414 national and international research projects and networks.

Each and every one of them worked extremely hard due to their commitment to developing projects that contribute to improving people’s health and quality of life. The most relevant ones can be consulted in the following link.