Revolution in Pain Management straight from Spain: Introducing the Spinally Medical

Spinally Medical introduces FuturaLead™, a subarachnoid device for spinal cord stimulation aimed at patients suffering from chronic pain. 

Access to innovation

In an era where chronic pain remains a pervasive challenge, affecting millions worldwide, a beacon of hope emerges from Spain. Spinally Medical, a pioneer in the realm of intrathecal spinal cord stimulation (iSCS) technology, proudly presents its revolutionary idea of subarachnoid FuturaLead™. Carles García-Vitoria, Pain Doctor and the CSO of Spinally, shares his optimism about this innovation, stating, “We believe that what we can bring to the market will overcome many of the limitations of current pain therapy".

The disclosure of FuturaLead™ has captured global interest, fostering partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders, unlocking opportunities for international grants and accelerators—areas where Spinally is already making its mark—and attracting the attention of leading market players.

This new type of stimulation lead, marks a significant leap forward in the treatment of chronic pain. “Undoubtedly, the need is unmet. Patients and their families, healthcare systems, key market players and governments alike are in search of a treatment that is highly effective, comfortable to use, easy to implant and capable of reducing the incredibly huge economic losses currently being experienced.” – Pawel Soluch, CEO.

Pain management

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) has undergone transformative changes since its conceptual foundation in the 1960s, based on the gate-control theory of pain. This theory proposed that the spinal cord contains a neurological "gate" that blocks pain signals to pass from the body to the brain. Over the decades, advancements in technology and understanding of neurophysiology have refined SCS methods. Although this quite effective and non-addictive therapy has been embraced, it still confronts significant limitations. Meanwhile, opioids - the second major form of therapy - are not only highly addictive but also potentially lethal. Consequently, governments worldwide are combating their use and advocating for a market shift towards SCS.

Spinally solution

In designing our technology, we incorporated insights from pain doctors, scientific research, patient experiences, and market demand. All of this, combined with our invention created the FuturaLead™. This technology promises to enhance the efficacy and safety of spinal cord stimulation and recording, featuring benefits:

  • Enhanced Therapy Efficacy: With energy reaching deeper spinal cord layers, patients experience significant relief from chronic pain, expanding the range of treatable conditions.
  • High-Quality Recordings: The system's proximity to the dorsal columns will provide precise recordings, facilitating personalized, closed-loop therapy and the exploration of new indications and biomarkers.
  • Continuous Measurement: The system is designed to maintain its effectiveness regardless of body or electrode movement, ensuring consistent pain management.
  • Reduced Recharging Requirement: Patients will only need to recharge their device once every three months, freeing them from the daily hassle and improving quality of life.
  • Leveraging key market leaders: By ensuring compatibility with existing pulse generators, we aim to enter the market more swiftly and cost-effectively, while also offering competitive advantages to those who choose to adopt our technology.

An Invitation to Revolutionize Pain Management

Spinally extends an invitation to join their groundbreaking venture through investment opportunities on the Capital Cell platform. This initiative not only offers a chance to partake in the transformative journey of pain management but also to impact lives positively. “Join us in transforming the lives of millions suffering from chronic pain. Invest in us through the Capital Cell”. - Beatriz Llamusí, co-founder.