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Healthcare · Biosimilars · Rare diseases · Climate change · Agrifood · Food & feed · Agriculture
Biotechnology provides solutions through plant genetic engineering, the revaluation of food…
Healthcare · Access to innovation · Rare diseases · Personalized medicine · Advanced therapies
The Spanish pharmaceutical company has obtained global rights to develop and commercialize the drug…
Healthcare · Advanced therapies
A public-private consortium, led by the Spanish biotech company Hemostatics, located in the…
Industrial biotechnology · Financing · Talento
We consider it a priority to accelerate its implementation and broaden its scope of action to…
Healthcare · Access to innovation · Innovative drugs
On the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day, we delve into the advances achieved by the candidate…
Healthcare · Drug discovery · Innovative drugs
This Thursday, March 21, Konexio Biotech, represented by its CEO, Andrea Romero, participated in…
Healthcare · Services
La ‘I Jornada Genusal. Impulsando la perspectiva de género en salud’ trató las diferencias de…
Healthcare · Climate change · Agrifood · Agriculture · Bioeconomy
The vast diversity of resources provided by the still greatly unknown marine ecosystem has…
Healthcare · Drug discovery
MEPs adopted their proposals to renew EU pharmaceutical legislation, promote innovation, and…