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Vacunada desarrollada por grupo Zendal frente a la Enfermedad Hemorrágica Epizoótica
#AseBioInterview | This has been the development process of the first vaccine against Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease by the Zendal group
Healthcare · Innovative drugs · Agrifood · Animal health
"Currently, the outbreak of EHDV serotype 8 is generating great alarm due to its epidemic potential…
Portada del European Innovation Scoreboard 2024
Spain remains in the moderate innovator group of the EU and rises to the fourteenth position in 2024
The "European Innovation Scoreboard 2024" highlights Spain's strengths in digitalization,…
Científico investigando con un microscopio
AseBio values the call for grants aimed at the development of UiC positively but regrets that it does not incentivize collaboration with Spanish biotech SMEs
Healthcare · Access to innovation · Financing
We trust that the call will strengthen the country's clinical research capabilities, which will…
Paloma Juárez Ortega, Coordinadora del proyecto Smartfarm del Departamento de Biotecnología Industrial en AINIA
Cultivated meat plays a crucial role in reshaping the current agri-food system
Agrifood · Food & feed · Animal health
Within the framework of the Smartfarm project, AINIA has made significant strides in the efficient…
Jaume Tarragó, director general para Iberia de Watson Marlow
#NewAseBioMember | “AseBio is a crucial platform that allows us to connect with other leaders in the biotechnology sector in Spain”
Meet Conoce a Watson Marlow, our new member. We spoke with Jaume Tarragó, Iberia…
Miembros del Consejo Europeo
Biotechnology: A “Key” Sector in the New 2024-2029 Agenda of the European Council
Healthcare · Agrifood · Industrial biotechnology
The agenda also emphasizes the need to promote research and innovation, as well as public…
Juan Basterra, CEO Mikrobiomik
Juan Basterra (Mikrobiomik) | "In the last 10 years, decisive steps have been taken to understand and appreciate the role of our gut microbiota"
Healthcare · Drug discovery · Innovative drugs
Mikrobiomik is working to become the first company globally to market the first biological drug…
Diego Pazos Castro, Cancer & Microbiology Research Scientist en Lifesome Therapeutics
#NewAseBioMember | “AseBio constitutes a meeting point and driving force for the main actors of the biotech industry in Spain”
Meet Lifesome Therapeutics, our new member. We talked its Diego Pazos Castro, Cancer &…
Evento sobre inteligencia artificial y salud organizado por AseBio y el Ministerio de Sanidad
AseBio and the Ministry of Health analyze the challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in health data spaces
Healthcare · Access to innovation
The event "Challenges and Opportunities for Spain in the Application of AI in Health Data Spaces,"…