Note from AseBio on recent regulation actions affecting the sale of diagnostics test kits available at pharmacies, during the current covid-19 situation

AseBio regrets the fact that Spanish manufacturers of SARS-CoV-2 antigen detection tests have not been at any point considered as an essential component of the solution to the pandemic

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The Spanish Association of biotech companies (AseBio) profoundly laments the lack of interest shown by authorities to establish any kind of dialogue with antigen test kit manufacturers and industry stakeholders before taking decisions regarding the regulation affecting their sale price in chemists, given the present covid-19 nationwide situation.

Ever since the pandemic broke out, AseBio has stood by the idea that developing diagnostic tools are essential in finding solutions to the coronavirus pandemic. The association supported the sale of such products without medical prescription to increase the country’s diagnosis adeptness and thus better manage the pandemic.

Spain homes a truly competitive industry comprising numerous companies capable of developing and manufacturing in vitro diagnosis tests to detect Covid-19 virus, with a capacity to reach one million weekly sales in chemists; a fact which AseBio has been constantly conferring about during the last two years.

AseBio strongly believes Spanish companies must be absolutely integrated in any decision-taking process considered with the aim of proposing possible management options throughout this pandemic. Now that we seem to be sheltered by the backdrop of recovery, it is time to reflect on the kind of country we would like to have, and which decisions should be taken in order to underpin our industrial capacities and further promote our strategic expertise.

Antigen tests made by AseBio corporations are technological solutions “made in Spain”, fully manufactured by a km-zero-conscious, low-carbon footprint, intensive industry sector which generates high added-value employment in compliance with the highest quality standards required both in Spain and Europe, including those related to environmental issues. Hence the doubtless presence of this industry in every answer the country provides when facing this pandemic.

AseBio would like to highlight the effort all these companies have carried out throughout this global situation in order to ensure a smooth-running supply of raw materials and to increase productivity levels by investing dramatically and hiring at unprecedented levels. Furthermore, they have shown great responsibility at the time of continuing to support the supply chain with diagnosis tests at stable prices despite the huge stress place by nationwide demand for these products.

Finally, AseBio safeguards and supports any measure taken with the aim of fully ensuring diagnosis tests are made available to the whole population.  Any decision targeted at expanding possible distribution channels will surely improve our population’s access to diagnosis solutions.

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