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Climate change · Agrifood · Industrial biotechnology
  • This 2022 Environment Week also falls under the framework of the European Climate Pact, for which AseBio is the national coordinator and has over 130 ambassadors
  • Over 100 biotechnology companies are looking for solutions to help the environment, such as cutting CO2 emissions, water treatment and improved crops
  • AseBio partners develop almost 200 products to improve the agrifood system and protect the planet in a context of great challenges.
  • In 2021, Spanish biotechnology companies attracted 14% of the private capital raised by the entire sector 
  • AseBio, in collaboration with Biocat, the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Council, will hold one of the most important international biotechnology meetings in southern Europe at the Fira de Barcelona.
  • The event is expected to bring together more than 1,500 professionals from over 850 organisations from more than 30 countries working in health, sustainable agri-food and climate change solutions in September 2023.
  • The BioRegion of Catalonia leads the Spanish biotech ecosystem in terms of number of biotech companies, turnover and attracting international investment.
Talento · Corporate
  • The ceremony to award these 6 prizes to Spanish biotechnology took place at AseBio Investor Day 2022, which brought together over 260 participants from all over Europe
  • Sanifit has received three awards, positioning itself as the biotech company of the year 2021
International · Financing
  • Private investment in the biotech industry up 20% from 2020.
  • The figures were announced at AseBio Investor Day 2022, which brought together over 50 investors from all over Europe and more than 260 participants

  • Over 53 biotech organisations are working on 170 solutions to the pandemic and 27% of them have already reached the market
  • Almost half of the lines of research are aimed at diagnosing the disease
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  • Women make up 58% of all R&D staff, but hold only 24.4% of executive positions in the biotech sector
Services · Talento
  • Over 80% of Spanish scientists abroad surveyed would like to return to Spain, but only 24% really know about the opportunities available.
  • Offering attractive career prospects and competitive financial incentives are the two biggest challenges for our country
  • This study, carried out in collaboration with Solutia, compiles the salary trends transforming the dynamics of the national labour market
  • Only 34.41% of general management positions are held by women
  • Barcelona leads the ranking as the province with the highest average pay in 'biotech' companies