AseBio Green Innovation Forum 2022

Climate change

FUNDECYT-PCTEx through the Office for Innovation, together with AseBio, organise this reference event to highlight the importance of Spanish biotechnology in the 2030 Agenda and to promote a more sustainable economic growth cycle thanks to the potential of the sector in the region of Extremadura.


We are back with the Green Innovation Forum and this year we are holding it in Extremadura!

It is the leading event in Spain organised this year by FUNDECYT-PCTEx through the Office for Innovation and AseBio, which positions biotechnology as a key tool to move towards a new sustainable economic model. This benchmark event for the industry will be held at the Palacio de Congresos de Mérida (Extremadura, Spain) on 17 November and will be attended by some 200 participants from all over Spain. 

The Green Innovation Forum is firmly committed to achieving the goals set out in the 2030 Agenda and in the recovery plans of Spain and the European Union around the Green Deal. The day will have an agenda of conferences and business meetings in which to address the most relevant aspects of innovation in biotechnology and the green economy, and to seek solutions to medium- and long-term challenges such as climate change, industrial transformation, sustainable food or the development of bio-products, among others. 

In addition, a fundamental part of the event will revolve around the generation of new business and investment opportunities. To this end, the event has a partnering platform to automate meetings between all attendees and the possibility of presenting innovative projects to the audience through "pitch presentations". 

Why Extremadura? 

Extremadura has great potential for sustainability through the use of its natural and energy resources, its crops, and the by-products and waste from the agri-food industry. It is a region capable of providing added value and wealth in terms of bio-innovation, and a territory that is presented as the ideal setting for the Green Innovation Forum, and to show the way towards new biotechnological processes that contribute to the generation of added value and wealth in the territory. Extremadura enjoys an economic, geographical and scientific-technological context that is highly favourable to current global trends in bioeconomy and sustainable innovation. 

FUNDECYT - Science and Technology Park of Extremadura is a non-profit private foundation of the Public Sector; a space that houses the necessary services to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, science and technology for the competitiveness of Extremadura. The vision of the entity is the consolidation of an offer of services to support innovation and its transfer, entrepreneurship and cooperation that has a direct impact on the intelligent, sustainable and inclusive development of the region.

As a Science and Technology Park, FUNDECYT-PCTEX houses more than 120 technology-based companies and innovative entities in its facilities in Cáceres and Badajoz, and around 1,100 qualified workers, providing the infrastructures and technological equipment necessary to ensure the solid development of its activity.


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