Schloss Seggau, Leibnitz
Industrial biotechnology

The evolving landscape, shaped by geopolitical changes and the intricate interplay of people and technology, holds the potential for transforming the future of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and life sciences. Central to this transformative journey is Artificial Intelligence (AI), a powerful force that has opened up new opportunities.

The ZETA Symposium serves as a platform for exploring groundbreaking AI-driven advancements, sparking innovation, and promoting proactive measures. Additionally, you can gain insights from our high-class panel discussions and lectures covering topics such as Module Typ Package (MTP), label expansion, decarbonization strategies, prospects and opportunities on the Asian market and much more.

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Register for the ZETA Symposium from March 11 – 13 2024, at Schloss Seggau, Austria and prepare to embark on a visionary journey where we delve into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence within the Pharma and Biotech industries.

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