Resources and ecosystem

recursos y ecosistema

Biotechnology companies are giving rise to great disruptive innovations that are changing how we improve and protect people’s lives and driving sustainability on the planet. 

To do so, it is essential to have an ecosystem that facilitates these innovations, which is why we work to promote R&D investment, access to talent and the sector’s interaction with new digital technologies. 

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R&D is at the core of the business model for companies in the biotechnology sector. 

nuevas tecnologías
New Technologies

New digital technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence, biorobotics and quantum computing, have an impact on social progress in areas like health, environmental protection, food safety and energy efficiency.

talento y diversidad
Talent and diversity

Human resources and their talent are our most prized asset. We safeguard them, seek them out, drive them and put them in the best position, all to manage advances and innovation in the biotechnology sector. Without this resource, it is impossible for companies to develop.

proteccion de la innovacion
Innovation protection

AseBio is highly aware of the importance of protecting innovations, which is why we monitor laws that affect this area, proposing improvements, such as the new law on patents, trademarks and legal protection of industrial designs.