Agriculture and Livestock Sector


Biotechnology plays an increasingly essential role in agriculture and livestock, allowing this sector to handle various social challenges (food safety, smart and respectful use of limited resources, preserving biodiversity, animal health) by applying the latest scientific knowledge.

Sector agropecuario

Biotechnology fosters agricultural, livestock and industrial productivity, improving health and nutrition while limiting the environmental impact of these activities.

Agrifood biotechnology has many aspects and areas of application. From an agricultural standpoint, it allows us to develop crops that are more resistant to pests and disease, or that can tolerate herbicides and environmental and drought stress. Plus, biotechnology has made it possible to develop products for agricultural use, like fertilizers, strengtheners, plant biostimulants and biophytosanitary products, using natural products that improve crop yield and quality.

In terms of livestock, it has helped increase control over animal health, with new vaccines, veterinary biodrugs and molecular tools to diagnose many diseases much earlier. It has also helped improve animal nutrition, obtaining and validating functional ingredients for livestock.

Biotechnology is also contributing solutions to manage agriculture and livestock waste, turning it into bioproducts that add value to the sector while also decreasing its negative impact on the environment.