We promote access to innovative medicines

Biotechnology accounts for 68% of all drugs being developed in the world, and these represent the present and future of treatment for many diseases.

Acceso a la innovación biomédica

What impact do innovative medicines have on society?

Access to innovative medicines has a significant impact on society’s health and wellbeing. Getting these drugs to patients more quickly is key to improving people’s health. Regulations that govern funding and set prices for drugs and healthcare products are particularly important for the sector, as they can be an incentive or a barrier to new solutions reaching the market.

What does biotechnology do to mitigate this impact?

Biotechnology has brought about great advances to improve and protect people’s lives, such as molecular diagnostics, tissue and cell engineering, gene therapy and regenerative medicine.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the biotechnology sector work against the clock to come up with solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic, in the form of vaccines, treatments and diagnostic solutions, and has proved that working in biotechnology is working to protect the lives of millions of people.

Nearly 70% of all drugs being developed are biotechnology medicines, which shows the great advances in health will come from this field.  That’s why it is key to promote and accelerate patients’ access to these developments.

How are AseBio and its members working to address this challenge?

Public-private partnership is in the association’s DNA. We are committed to the sustainability of our national health system and want to work to improve new funding methods to tackle the challenges we are facing. 

These new formulas must adapt to the specific needs of each disease and environment, helping pave the way to market for new therapeutic solutions. At AseBio we follow the regulatory processes that have an impact on the sector to build a regulatory framework that makes it easier for healthcare innovations to reach the national healthcare system.

Through the AseBio Market Access workgroup, we promote predictable, agile policies on access to innovation so that biotechnology advances reach patients as quickly as possible.