The challenges biotechnology addresses are global, as is the market for its innovative products and specialised services.

For biotechnology companies, internationalisation is more than a challenge or a need; it is in their corporate DNA. At AseBio, we guide them through this process, channelling resources, giving them access to contacts and organising international promotion events to help them break into strategic markets.

How do we help promote our members’ internationalisation?

AseBio hosts large-scale events, like BIOSPAINAseBio Investor Day and Green Innovation Forum, that attract companies, public sector stakeholders, media outlets and investors from dozens of countries. This gives Spanish biotechnology companies a great opportunity to make international contacts and do international business.

Since 2008, we have managed the ICEX Internationalisation Plan for biotechnology companies. This plan channels aid for Spanish biotech companies to help them gain visibility at top international events (BioEurope, BIO International Convention, BioJapan, etc.).

Additionally, at AseBio we negotiate discounts and other special conditions (more information on the International events calendar) to make it easier for our members to participate in events and conferences around the world.

In terms of internationalisation, alongside access to strategic markets, one of our top priorities is attracting investment, because funding (another of our main working areas) is key to our companies’ growth and the sector’s development. We also work continuously to build a solid network of contacts and international institutional agreements, especially in Europe.

Eventos internacionales
International events

The international events calendar shows all the different gatherings and conferences held throughout the year anywhere in the world, and the special conditions available for Asebio and its members.

Logo BioSpain

BIOSPAIN is the main biotechnology event in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. Held every two years, BIOSPAIN brought together more than 1,500 delegates from 31 countries at the 2018 edition in Seville.

AseBio Investor Day 2022

Since the first edition (Barcelona, 2017), this investment forum has generated relationships between national and foreign investors, helping raise awareness of the Spanish biotechnology industry.

AseBio Green Innovation Forum 2024

The date and venue for the Green Innovation Forum 2024 will be confirmed soon.