BIOSPAIN, hosted by AseBio since 2003, is the main biotechnology event in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. Held every two years, BIOSPAIN brought together more than 1,500 delegates from 773 companies in 31 countries at the 2018 edition in Seville.


With over 3,000 one-to-one meetings and an extensive program of conferences, BIOSPAIN has earned one of the top spots among the main European events in the biotechnology sector. It is, without a doubt, the leading event organized by European biotechnology associations.

BIOSPAIN 2018, the ninth edition of the event, was held in Seville September 25-27, 2018. For this edition, AseBio collaborated with the Regional Government of Andalusia, through the IDEA Agency.

The event brought in 1,550 participants from 773 organizations in 31 countries, broken down as follows: biotechnology companies (47.4%), pharmaceutical companies (10%), investors (5.2%), consulting and service sector professionals (10.6%), medical technology companies (2.5%), suppliers and engineering companies (4%) and public/nonprofit organizations (20%). Additionally, there were 200 exhibitors at the BIOSPAIN trade fair.

These figures show that BIOSPAIN has not only consolidated turn out but has grown participation compared to previous years. In fact, the 3,330 partnering meetings held in this ninth edition of the event is 11% more than the previous edition.

Plus, the number of investors attending the congress rose to 54, showing that more and more professionals are interested in seeking out the investment opportunities in our country.

BIOSPAIN is part of the European Biotechnology Week.

BioSpain es parte de la European Biotech Week