Instituto Ramón y Cajal de Investigación Sanitaria


Información de contacto

Instituto Ramón y Cajal de Investigación Sanitaria
Emma González
Ctra.Colmenar Viejo Km 9,100, 28034
Áreas de actividad
  • A. Biotecnología Sanitaria
    • Campos de actividad
      • Biofármacos
      • Biomarcadores
      • Dispositivos médicos
      • Drug development
      • Drug discovery
      • Screening
      • Terapia génica
      • Vacunas
    • Áreas terapéuticas
      • Analgesia / Dolor
      • Dermatología
      • Desórdenes musculoesqueléticos
      • Enfermedades cardiovasculares y sistema circulatorio
      • Enfermedades genéticas y raras
      • Enfermedades infecciosas
      • Enfermedades inflamatorias
      • Ginecología y tocología
      • Inmunología
      • Odontología
      • Oftalmología y optometría
      • Oncología
      • Sangre y sistema linfático
      • Sistema digestivo y hepatología
      • Sistema genitourinario y riñón
      • Sistema nervioso central
      • Sistema respiratorio y pulmonar
      • Trastornos metabólicos / Endocrinología
  • D. Servicios
    • Servicios de I+D
      • Bioinformática
      • Genómica
      • Metabolómica
      • Proteómica

The Ramon y Cajal Institute for Biohealth Research (IRYCIS) is a large multidisciplinary organization which integrates scientific and clinical researchers, physicians, and other technical staff from the hospital.

The IRYCIS' aim is to join the knowledge, resources and initiatives of their members, leading to real advances for disease's prevention and treatment, and the improvement of diagnostics technologies.

Productos y servicios

The research groups of IRYCIS are classified in four major areas:

  • Neuroscience and Sense Organs
  • Microbiology, Immunology and Infection
  • Systemic Patology and Cancer
  • Clinical Epidemiology

The Institute led by its Innovation Unit (IU), aims to transfer the research and innovation beyond its walls, and to participate in an european open innovation context contributing to improve patient care and provide new solutions for unmet medical needs.

Áreas de interés para futuras colaboraciones

IRYCIS has a portfolio consisting of patents to out license, services to offer and research projects looking for industrial collaboration. The Institute also wants to open the door to new Horizon 2020 collaborations.