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ARTHEx Biotech S.L. is a private company, spin-off company from the University of Valencia focused on the development of Antisense RNA treatments for genetic diseases. The founders of the company are Dr. Beatriz Llamusí and Dr. Ruben Artero. The first product will be the development of a new RNA therapy (anti-miRNA) addressed to the treatment of myotonic dystrophy (DM). DM is the most common muscular dystrophy in adults, and it is a highly disabling disease with symptoms involving the skeletal musculature, the heart, and the nervous system. The business model proposed is based on an open innovation model in which the biotechnology company develops the products until phase 2 or 3, and then licenses them to pharmaceutical multinationals with the capacity to complete the development studies more advanced and its commercialization.

We are looking to hire a Chemistry Project Manager. He/She will be responsible for coordination of the CMC and bioanalytical studies for our research programs, straight contact with our outsourced contract manufacturing organization, CROs, CMC experts and scientific advisors. The chemist will be reporting to the CEO and director of operations.


  • Coordinating the CMC program and bioanalysis program developed by external CMOs and CROs.
  • Preparing technical reports summarizing findings related to mass spectroscopy (LCMS) and chromatography methods (HPLC). Qualitative data interpretation would include utilizing these techniques to identify unknown chemical compounds. Quantitative analysis would include preparation of calibration curves and determination of percent composition using, LCMS and HPLC results.
  • Designing Analyses. The candidate would be expected to contribute within a team of scientists to help identify the best analytical strategies to solve real world chemical problems including synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides, formulation analysis, and quantitation in biological matrices. The desire and the drive to learn new techniques and to increase ones own interpretation skills through reviewing the literature and on the job training is a must.
  • Overseeing Analysis. The position would include the opportunity to direct mass spectroscopy or chromatographic analyses including overseeing method development and performing existing methods. This often requires development of an appropriate sample extraction method to purify the component of interest from a complex matrix prior to analysis. 
  • Discussing Results. The right candidate would be skilled at discussing analytical data and would be able to communicate in simple terms the results from a series of analytical tests. This would include helping other team members with interpretation as well as discussing results with customers.

Specific Duties

  • Prepare technical reports. 
  • Interpret MS data including LCMS results with a high level of proficiency. 
  • Interpret chromatographic data including HPLC with high level of proficiency. 
  • Combine results to identify unknown chemical components. 
  • Quantitate chemical components using HPLC and results. 
  • Work with a team of scientists to design and implement analytical strategies. 
  • Perform or oversee complex analytical strategies with an emphasis on MS and chromatography.
  • Discuss results with co-workers and clients.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • A masters degree or PH.D. in chemistry is required. A pharmacist/biochemist with a strong background in Chemistry may be considered.
  • 3+ years current industry experience in MS and Chromatography. 
  • Experience with nucleic acids is a preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a requirement. 
  • Proficiency with computer office tools (Word, Excel, Outlook, and scientific databases, etc.) is required. 
  • Planning and organization 
  • Autonomy and initiative 
  • Europe based, remote. 
  • Open to travel to Valencia
  • English native or fluent. Spanish fluent will be a plus
Más información y contacto

For further information contact:
Pedro Fernández, Director of Operations