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Job Description:
Our company is looking for a PhD candidate, highly motivated and has a biological and computational background. The candidate will manage NGS data from several sequencing platforms and work on integrating data from different databases such as clinical, mutational, or public repositories. The candidate will be involved in developing in-house algorithms for genomic data analysis and interpretation, as well as developing an IT toolkit for data visualization and reporting.

Desired Skills:
The ideal candidate will have a strong background in NGS data analysis using different sequencing platforms. Programming skills will be valued, particularly in bash, and languages used for genomic data analysis such as Python (others, such as R, would be assessed).
The candidate must be interested in biology and working with real-world data. In this position, he/she will interact closely with colleagues from other departments, such as the molecular biology lab, project managers, and clients. For this reason, interpersonal and communicative skills are desired to understand the company's needs and provide resolutive answers.

Candidate Requirements:
• BSc or MSc in bioinformatics, biotechnology, or related disciplines.
• Experience in the analysis and annotation of NGS data.
• Fluency in scientific programming (Python, bash, R), and application of control version systems (git) and conda environments. Knowledge about workflow management systems (snakemake) would also be considered.
• Experience in management, statistical analysis, and graphic visualization of large data sets.
• Strong communication and scientific writing skills (English).
Permanent contract (vinculated to the development of an industrial PhD).

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