AseBio announces that BIOSPAIN, Spain's leading biotech event, will be held at the end of September this year

BIOSPAIN will be held at the Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio de Navarra-Baluarte in Pamplona, from 27 September to 1 October 2021, following a hybrid format

ana polanco biospain  3 marzo

This morning, AseBio presented the 10th edition of BIOSPAIN, the leading event in the Spanish and international biotechnology sector. The event will be held at the Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio de Navarra-Baluarte in Pamplona, in collaboration with the Government of Navarra and Sodena, sociedad de desarrollo de Navarra, from 27 September to 1 October 2021, following a hybrid format. "I would like to highlight the meaning of hosting an event of this value at a time as complex as the present, in which we have to work for the reactivation of the economy in a post-pandemic scenario. Biotechnology is going to be a strategic sector in driving this recovery and has a great potential for job creation. Navarre has a very favourable ecosystem that is progressively consolidating, which is essential for the promotion of bioentrepreneurship in Navarre, aspiring to become a benchmark in Europe”, stated Mikel Irujo, Economic and Business Development Minister of the Government of Navarra, during the event’s presentation. 

Pilar Irigoien, managing director of Sodena, emphasised "the clear commitment of this public company to the health sector in Navarre through the financial support that it has been providing since the 1990s".


COVID-19 has ushered in one of the strongest healthcare crises to date, demonstrating how biotechnology “has been able to offer high value-added solutions in the form of vaccines, PCR, and rapid tests, among others. This has served to highlight its strategic potential for the economy and its capacity to generate employment, as well as its positive impact on society”, explained Ana Polanco, President of AseBio. For this reason, BIOSPAIN emerges this year as a crucial player for Spain’s recovery.

"Our sector is a transformative force for our society and for Spain's economy," added Ana Polanco. Spanish biotech companies have a turnover of 0.7% of GDP, generate an impact of more than 8,200,000 million euros of income in Spain, contribute to the creation of more than 100,000 jobs and are also the sector that invests the most in R&D.

Dámaso Molero, CEO of 3P biopharmaceuticals, a successful business model company from Navarre, said that BIOSPAIN was "entering in a totally new world. It helped us visualise biotech as a business. BIOSPAIN helps you to channel initiatives in an entrepreneurial way and to meet potential customers, but also opinion leaders on an  international scale. It has been fundamental in our trajectory, if we had not been at the first BIOSPAIN, the 3P biopharmaceuticals of today would be very different".

Biotechnology has not only achieved numerous advances in the field of health, but also in terms of sustainability through food and agriculture. Thanks to agrobiotechnology, the environmental impact has been reduced and millions of m3 of water have been saved in crops grown across Spain. This is another one of the pillars of BIOSPAIN, which advocates the promotion of a green transition of the Spanish economy. This was explained by Richard Borreani, Head of Public Affairs, Science & Sustainability at Bayer Crop Science, who explained that “biotechnology can adapt agricultural production to climate change and also mitigate its effects, allowing for more sustainable food production”. 

BIOSPAIN and Navarra will become for three days a showcase for the talent and quality of Spanish biotech companies, bringing together, virtually and in person, more than 1,500 professionals from across the national and international sector, to discuss future health challenges, COVID-19, immunotherapy, advanced therapies, CRISPR, 
climate change and agrobiotechnology, among other topics."For AseBio, this collaboration is of enormous value and highly necessary in order to continue promoting the biotechnology sector in our country with all the key agents”, explained the President of AseBio.

In addition, more than 3,000 one-to-one meetings will be held to identify multiple collaboration and investment opportunities. Participants will be able to attend virtually from anywhere in the world and in person in Pamplona.

In the previous edition, held in 2018, BIOSPAIN managed to involve 200 exhibitors from 14 countries, including Spain, and to bring together 1,550 participants, 773 companies and 55 national and international investors from across 11 countries. In total, more than 30 countries attended the event, which managed to close 3,330 one-to-one meetings and 40 sessions in the conference programme. In addition, more than 750 technologies were presented for licensing and 36 projects in search of funding were presented to investors.

BIOSPAIN is part of AseBio, an association which brings together 270 entities and represents the Spanish biotechnology sector. Its mission is to lead the transformation of Spain, positioning science, innovation and, in particular, biotechnology as a driver for economic growth and social welfare. Its members include companies, associations, foundations, universities, technology, and research centres that carry out their activities directly or indirectly related to biotechnology in Spain.