Funding and Technology Transformation Committee

Comisión de retos transversales

This committee is structured around three key elements for biotechnology companies: funding for R&D, the use of new technologies in biotechnology and bolstering venture capital as a key instrument for the biotech sector. 

In a research-intensive sector, with disruptive projects in the early stages of development, our work focuses on proposals to improve public and private R&D funding instruments and tax policies that take into account the specific characteristics of biotechnology companies. Plus, we work to drive venture capital that specialises in biotechnology. 

But we also pay close attention to the latest on new technologies and their possible applications in biotechnology processes. 

We have set up a workgroup for each of the Committee’s priorities.

  • To carry out actions to bring about a framework of incentives that encourages R&D 
  • To reinforce the positioning of specialised venture capital as a key tool for funding the creation, development and growth of innovative biotech companies
  • To help develop a connection between biotechnology and new technologies


  • To contribute, alongside other social and institutional stakeholders, to achieving the goals on the 2030 Agenda
  • To promote a regulatory framework based on ethical and bioethical needs to ensure safety
Work groups
Financing R&D and business development
Carmen Eibe (Pharma Mar)
  • To improve access to tax incentives for R&D
  • To improve R&D funding instruments
Biotechnology and Digitalization
Elisa Díaz (Merck)
  • To make visible and train members on the possibilities of new technologies for advances in biotechnology
  • To forge strategic alliances with related organisations
  • To convey to society and the public administration the importance of new technologies in biotechnology as a tool for tackling social challenges
Venture capital
Clara Campàs (Asabys Partners)
  • To reinforce the positioning of specialised VC as a key tool for funding the creation, development and growth of innovative biotech companies
  • To draw investment, both private and public, to specialised VC based on its social and economic impact To encourage and promote instruments to support venture capital, such as INNVIERTE and FondICO Global
  • To encourage technology transfer, entrepreneurship and new biotech projects, identifying market failures and promoting instruments to resolve these issues 
  • To propose initiatives to help attract talent to cover gaps in the ecosystem: entrepreneurs, managers or people with operations experience, etc.  
Members of the commission
Enrique Samper
Enrique Samper